Must buy list in Japan

What I really like to do in Japan are shopping and trying out all the good restaurants. Shopping is really fun in Japan, but there are too many selections and ends up with huge suitcases. After several success and failures, here are my must buys in Japan.

ChocolaBB junior

Vitamin Bsi for pimples blemish skin, fatigue, stomatitis....etc.
And energy booster for sports and home works.

Easy way to get baby feet again! 
 A pair of plastic socks with peeling serum included in this box.
wear it and relax for 2 hour.


You can find this at RAKUTEN .
If you have dry and corse hair, this will make it shine and soft.  
It's just like other conditioners.  Use it after shampoo once in 2 weeks.
500yen for a small pack, a sample size, but worth it!

hyaluronic acid and ceramide jelly!

Keep in the fridge and it taste good after shower.

for detox!
Gets rid of those unwanted water.  

I like Japanese toothpaste.
This is for sensitive teeth.
Helps build enamels.

This was really fun.  Makes your eyes bigger.  
Very easy to use and so natural too.  
For fun!

For sun lovers. Over your regular make ups. 

One spray after make-up will keep you look great for all day. 
For both humid, hot day and dry, cold weather.

CANMAKE cosmetics
Very cheap and still makes your skin like a baby.
Great product!

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