SwiftKey 3 as an English learners tool

ケイタイの予測変換でBOAが日本語を覚えたって昔の音楽番組で言ってたけど、英語の学習に使えそうなのがこのアンドロイドアプリSwiftkey3。a とかtheのタイミングやイディアムの前置詞とか予測してくれるし、ぼんやり単語が分かればタイプしているうちに候補にあがってくるから選ぶだけ。何より
There are so many ways to study English, but takes too much efforts and it is hard to keep using what you have learned. SwiftKey 3 is an application for Android for people who are tired of typing long words. It's words predictions are great, reminds me of Japanese cell phones. When you are intermediate English learner, and have vocabularies in your mind, but having hard time using for several reasons, this works great. For those not sure of spellings, having hard time using "a" and "the", and you might have difficulty deciding which proposition to use for idioms.  SwiftKey 3 can predict what you want to type next, so you can learn and practice just by picking up the next words.

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