Easy recipe Japanese food

I often see non-Japanese people having a hard time deciding which seasoning to get out of thousands Japanese seasonings and sauces. If you are a real beginner, I think you should try "Mentsuyu".

Ajitsuke Tamago for a side dish

Ajitsuke Tamago is a very easy Japanese food using Mentsuyu. 
Well seasoned soft boiled eggs you see on Ramen ( Japanese saimen).  

Ajitsuke tamago is good for bento, Japanese boxed lunch. 

What you need:
Zip-lock plastic bag

Before you start,

Tips for better Crack and Peel:

Older eggs in the fridge peel better than fresher eggs.

If eggs are very fresh, make a crack on the bottom of the cells before you put in a sauce pan. A very gentle crack!
Crack and peel in the cold water also works.

Let's start out from boiling eggs. A slow boil.
You want the whites hard but the yolks soft. 
Make sure you have enough water to cover eggs in a sauce pan. Medium heat and be sure to start timing when the water boils. I boil for 2 munites, but it depends on the size of eggs and the pan. Don't go over 3 minutes. I recommend 2 to 3 minutes. Cool eggs in cold water.

Crack and peel and put in a plastic bag and marinate with Mentsuyu. Rest it in the refrigerator over a night. Slice or cut in half and serve on a side for anything.

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