The last boxes arrived from Tokyo yesterday.  It is so strange....  Many small things that I was never paying attentions seem to bring back more memories.  

For example...

Japanese cartoon character Doraemon traveling around the world magnets. 

To tell you the truth, I was always looking for a chance to get rid of these magnets.  Kids got at Seven Eleven when we travelled Taiwan in 2006, summer.  

I was lucky that the movers put these in my box before I throw away.  


Japanese cushion, ZABUTON.... like futon bed.
After 1 month across the Pacific Ocean, need some sun light.  Traditional Japanese zabuton and futon beds are made of 100% cotton inside.  Fresh air and the sun will make the zabuton soft and silky again and smell like SUN.  

looks so cozy.....  another thing that I didn't realize in Japan.

One more comfy thing

Bamboo pillow 

bamboo pillow for a nap on a summer humid hot afternoon.  
I think I will take this with a yoga mat this weekend!  Isn't it a good idea?  

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