Apartment in San Francisco " City"

It's been almost a month since I left Japan and I am starting to miss my friends....  and my yoga student came.   To San Francisco!  She is a composer  The great news for me was that she got an apartment in San Francisco!
I teach her yoga and she teaches me chanting again!  In San Francisco!
I helped her unpack, which I really like to do.
All the interior and the view from the window was too pretty.
So quiet that you can almost hear trees breathing!

Beautiful Living Room
I just love their curtain.  Black sheerest silk organdy over white silk canton. 

Murano Crystal Lamp Shades

Big lamp shade and this black dining table looks so feminine together.
Blue and white marble like tiles were very cute and it was heated for cold San Francisco morning.   


and lovely entrance of the apartment. 


Living in the city apartment seems to have a lot of fun.  
But today, I am enjoying beautiful weather of Foster City with my kid! Another Pool Day!

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